Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is commonly experienced during or immediately after running.  Running creates tremendous impact stress on your ankle joints making them prone to injury. Many people use running as an exercise to help them lose weight, since these folks are already heavy – that extra weight puts more stress through the ankle making them more prone to injury.

Ankle pain can appear after minor ankle injuries – frequently the injury is simply due to repetitive impact from running or jogging.

Typical Causes of Ankle Pain:

1) Sprain / strains

2) Tendonitis

3) Achilles Tendon rupture

4) Fractures

5) Arthritis

ankle painSome cases of ankle pain are noticeable while running but not during normal daily activities. In most cases, ankle pain that is experienced during a run is either tendonitis or a sprain / strain type injury of one or more of the many ligaments and muscles of the ankle and foot. These injuries can occur as a result of a specific injury but in most cases the injury is due to the repetitive stress that the activity of running places on the ankles. If these injuries are left untreated they can become more severe and even normal walking can sometimes cause pain. Chronic inflammation in the joint due to tendonitis or chronic sprain / strains can lead to the onset of early arthritis.

Serious injuries such as an Achilles tendon rupture or a fracture require immediate medical attention since they are often so painful that they prevent weight bearing on the affected side.

Treatment for ankle sprain / strains and tendonitis include RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) after running as well as chiropractic treatment that should include joint manipulations of the subtalar joint combined with various types physiotherapy that is specifically applied in order to reduce inflammation.  If there are any signs of instability of the ankle specific exercises will be given to help strengthen the joint.

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