Artificial Stimulants

Does low energy effect you desire to exercise? Especially in the mornings? Of course many of us “fix” our low energy with artificial stimulants – which isn’t always the best. Further more, fatigue is always magnified if you have neck pain or back pain which is why this topic is relevant for chiropractic patients.

Artificial Stimulants Are Not The Answer

artificial stimulantsI hear patients in my San Diego Chiropractic clinic complain about be too tired to exercise in the morning.  Many of these patients also state that exercise after their work day is even more difficult.

One common thread that I see in these low energy patients is the use of artificial stimulants. Most of these patients say “I can’t start their day without coffee”.  This craving is part of a self fulfilling cycle that includes drinking caffeinated drinks during the day, eating foods that are low in nutrient density (read as fast foods / packaged foods), staying up too late at night and then sleeping poorly because of the caffeine that was consumed during the day.

Many people use artificial stimulants that are arguably worse than coffee such as Mountain Dew, Red Bull and 5 hour energy which are loaded with sugar, artificial flavors and artificial colors as well as caffeine. The fact that most of my patients are experiencing some sort of back pain or neck pain doesn’t help either because pain in itself is fatiguing.

Artificial stimulants produce short periods of increased energy but lead to chronic fatigue and adrenal exhaustion.

This is a challenging cycle to break.  The most logical way to real these habits in is to start by eating healthier and getting proper nutrition.Eating healthier will provide more nutrient dense food which will give you more energy.  Once you start to feel the benefits of a healthier diet (should be a matter of a few days) you will have noticeably less fatigue and you can start to wean yourself off of artificial stimulants.  I always recommend getting off caffeine slowly because it does tend to cause withdrawal symptoms if you rush this process.

You can see how all of this is coming together. Eating healthier foods, drinking less coffee and getting more sleep (at least 7 hours per night) will give you better energy allowing you to exercise more frequently and with greater intensity.

If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of fatigue, coffee, and low energy, the strategy described above can help you recapture a healthy, energized lifestyle. Lack of sleep will make you tired – drinking coffee will give you a boost while stressing your adrenal glands which in long run becomes a negative as far as energy levels go.

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