Corn Health Concerns

Why in the world would I ever include an article about corn health concerns on my San Diego Chiropractic clinic’s blog?

The answer is easy and complicated at the same time. Corn is in almost everything we eat.  If it isn’t an actual ingredient of some pre packaged food that we eat Corn Health Concernsit is being fed to most of the critters that we consume. With each passing year I see more evidence of the impact that corn, gluten, soy, artificial sweeteners and sugar have on the health of the patients of my San Diego chiropractic clinic.  Furthermore, these food additives seem to be getting more difficult to identify and avoid as they often carry a handful of different labeling names.

Why Corn Health Concerns Are Important?

The problem with corn and the link between consumption of corn and chiropractic care has to do with inflammation. There are many foods that we consume that can cause low levels of inflammation in our bodies that are not accompanied by easily identified symptoms.  Corn is one of these foods.  Beef that is fed a diet high in corn contains high levels of omega 6 fatty acids which are a known cause of inflammation.

As far as the link between chiropractic and corn health concerns go, inflammation is always a factor in neck pain, back pain, hip pain and muscle & joint pain in general. In addition to causing muscle and joint pain, corn additives are know to contribute to obesity, cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer and a handful of other chronic diseases.

Corn Health ConcernsIn the last paragraph I had mentioned that corn is known to be a cause of obesity – this would be another reason why corn is important to me as a chiropractor. If the patient’s of my San Diego Chiropractic clinic consume too many corn products, their weight bearing joints (ankles, knees, hips, spinal joints) and the muscles that support those joints begin to suffer.

With time, the extra stress on those joints will cause arthritis to form in the weight bearing joints. The pain of arthritis can be helped with chiropractic care but not fixed – setting you up for lifelong symptoms.  Corn health concerns are important to me as a chiropractor and they should be important to you as a patient as well.


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