Cross Training Benefits

The patients of my San Diego chiropractic center seem to each have their favorite exercises.  But I am often asked “which exercises are the best?”  There is no right answer but there are many cross training benefits.

Cross Training BenefitsFrom a chiropractic standpoint, there are exercises that benefit your back more so than others.  In general, biking, walking and swimming are good exercises if you have a back pain or a chronic bad back (includes neck pain, low back pain, hip pain and pain between your shoulder blades).

But what if you don’t have back pain and simply want a good set of exercises to stay or get into shape?  Obviously running will get you in better shape but too much running can be damaging to your back, knees and ankles.  Riding a bicycle will get you into shape but if you spend too much time leaning over the handle bars it can aggravate your back and neck.  Weight lifting will help you burn calories and build muscle but it doesn’t give you the same cardiovascular benefits that other exercises provide.

Chiropractic and Cross Training Benefits

The patients that I see in my San Diego Chiropractic Clinic who are in the best shape and have the fewest episodes of back pain, neck pain or other injuries are those who cross train.  Cross training benefits are many and they add variety to your exercise program which decreases the chances of burnout.  Cross training benefits your strength and endurance in multiple muscle groups simultaneously, giving your body better balance and improved resistance to injuries.  A good cross training program combines cardiovascular exercises, weight lifting, calisthenics and plyometrics to give your exercise sessions variety that will help build strength and endurance.

Cross Training BenefitsChiropractic treatment improves your fitness by insuring that your body’s joints have full pain free range of motion.  When joint motion is restricted by scar tissue they are susceptible to injury – chiropractic treatment reorganizes scar tissue making it functional and less likely to become aggravated and inflamed.

Are you ready to get into shape?  We would be happy to help you get your health back on track!


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