Healthy Habits

I believe that we all want to establish healthy habits. The question is, however, what is health? And, how do we “get” healthy?

In my San Diego chiropractic office, I always try to encourage healthy habits that go beyond the obvious treatment for neck pain, back pain and headaches that represent the bulk of my patients concerns.

Healthy Habits Are Worth The Effort

Most of my patients at least entertain the idea of creating healthy habits for the sake of improving overall wellness.  Then, there are some that want nothing to do with it.  In their mindset, being out of pain is good enough for them.

Healthy HabitsI always explain to my patients that in the absence of some catastrophic injury, most cases of neck pain and back pain begin as a slight irritation that we are totally unaware of. With time and additional stresses, these slight irritations can become magnified to the point where they become symptomatic.

A lack of healthy habits affects our diets in the same way. A few poor meal choices won’t destroy your health by themselves, but frequent poor meal choices over longer periods of time can have a significant negative impact on your health. You only have to look at a McDonald’s or Burger King drive-through to see the long lines of people making poor food choices. These people who make frequent poor food choices (fast foods in this example) probably won’t suffer anything more than a little indigestion as a result of each meal. However, the accumulation of the effects of all of these poor food choices will do damage down the road.  Healthy habits prevent this process from taking place.

Unfortunately, this all becomes more apparent as we age. We pay for our unhealthy eating habits as we age for a couple of reasons. First of all, poor eating choices become habitual. Like any bad habit, changing poor eating habits is difficult. Secondly, with normal aging, our metabolisms slow making our poor eating habits more detrimental than they were when we were younger and more active.

Establishing healthy habits takes work on several fronts. Some of these habits you can accomplish yourself while others you will need help with.

Patients that come to my San Diego chiropractic office for treatment for their neck pain or back pain often find this task one of the easy parts of getting healthy.  In order to get help with pain, all the patients have to do is come to the office for their treatment.

Part of restoring health is complicated with the bad habits that result in unhealthy diets, smoking, drinking and the like. Overcoming bad habits and replacing them with healthy habits takes an exceptionally motivated person. Focus and you can overcome this challenge and have a healthier body to show for it.


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