Healthy Weight Loss

Do you struggle with losing weight or maintaining your weight?  Healthy weight loss will benefit you in many different ways.  As a San Diego Chiropractor, one of the common obstacles that I see with healthy weight loss is joint pain.

Healthy Weight Loss With Chiropractic Care

It should be no surprise that chiropractic treatment can help you with healthy weight loss by making exercise more comfortable or pain free. In my San Diego Chiropractic practice we work with patients everyday who use our care for the sole purpose of helping them lose weight and get into better shape.

Healthy weight lossI don’t want to miss-lead you – there isn’t a chiropractic treatment that will stimulate your system into healthy weight loss. There are many people, however, that don’t exercise because of various aches and pains that can often be relieved with chiropractic treatment. If you are avoiding exercise because of joint pain you may be able to take significant steps towards improving your health through exercise by utilizing chiropractic care to restore healthy, pain free range of motion to your stiff or aching joints.

Chiropractic can help you attain healthy weight lossPeople get out of shape and gain weight for a variety of reasons. In many cases, acute neck pain, headaches or back pain prevents healthy exercise habits leading to de-conditioning and weight gain. In other cases, chronic pain from specific injuries in your past that have not healed correctly can cause lingering joint pain and stiffness resulting in limited activity or even no exercise at all.  If you find yourself in this position it is important to keep your focus on healthy weight loss with proper diet and exercise versus taking other possibly unhealthy measures.

In many cases chiropractic care can reduce or eliminate joint pain, improve your joints’ range of motion and relieve the physical stresses of daily living that may be interfering with your ability to exercise. You will find that exercising is much easier when it isn’t accompanied by nagging pain or stiffness. With less joint pain exercise becomes easier providing you with better chances of achieving healthy weight loss.


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