Improving Core Strength

Health magazines and articles on the internet provide a continuing flow of information regarding the importance of improving core strength to prevent back pain.

Importance of Improving Core Strength

When I discuss the importance of core strength with my patients in my San Diego Chiropractic practice it becomes clear that most of them don’t really know what core strength is or how it affects them. In fact, most of my patients think that improving core strength comes from doing hundreds of sit-ups and / or crunches.  There is nothing wrong with doing sit-ups and crunches but they only partially help with improving core strength.

improving core strengthGreat abs don’t always mean that you have great core strength!

The benefits of improving core strength comes from working the postural muscles that help hold your spine erect.

Exercising the muscles that help hold your spine upright will help improve your posture as well as help provide much needed stability when you are lifting, carrying, changing body positions or performing tasks that will test your ability to maintain your posture.

improving core strength

One variation of good core exercise

Sit-ups and crunches work the abdominal and oblique muscles that work to round your back forward – flexing our spines into a “C” shape.A complete set of core strengthening exercises should actually work the muscles of the back, hips and legs – all of which help you hold your spine upright.Conditioning of all of these muscles will build the core strength that you often read about on the internet or in health magazines.One of the best exercises for building core strength is the plank and variations of the plank.

improving core strengthThe plank is the king of the core!

Building core strength is important in your efforts to prevent back pain and injury. The important thing to remember is that you should spend just as much time working your abs and more time performing plank exercises. Performing plank exercises for 5 minutes per day, with good form, coupled with abdominal crunches will help improve your core strength and help prevent injuries to your back.  For more information on the benefits of core exercises click here.


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