Improving Dietary Choices

Are you out of shape? Do you have trouble deciding where to begin with your efforts to regain your health?  Improving dietary choices is a good place to start.

improving dietary choicesWith our busy lifestyles, sometimes people find themselves so far out of shape that they don’t know how to begin with their efforts to turn their health around. In most cases trying to manipulate your diet and begin an exercise program at the same time quickly becomes overwhelming and ends with failure.

Improving Dietary Choices One Step at a Time

In my San Diego Chiropractic Office I encourage our patients who are interested in losing weight and improving dietary choices to start simple – taking one step at a time. I like to have my patients begin their journey toward better health by eliminating their worst dietary habits first. This plan involves reducing or eliminating;

1) Fast Foods

2) Soda

3) Caffeine

4) Canned Foods

5) Sugar

Canned foods made the list above because they contain preservatives which contribute to chronic inflammation.Chronic inflammation causes neck pain, headaches, low back pain and a host of serious health consequences.Fast foods create a huge energy drain because they are calorie dense but low in nutrients.That affects you because when you eat that burger and fries from the local fast food establishment that meal uses lots of energy to digest but you don’t get the nutrients from it that you body needs.The result is that you are tired after eating and hungry sooner because you are starved of the nutrients that your fast food didn’t supply.This tired feeling is usually remedied with coffee or some other caffeinated drink that leads to loss of sleep and adrenal stress which causes yet more fatigue.

For most of my patients (and people in general), improving dietary choices is challenging. Diet has a much bigger impact on your health than you think.  Improving dietary choices is vital to living a long, healthy life.

An easy way to begin with your health goals is to pick a few dietary habits that you already know are bad and replace them with healthy choices. For example, if you drink soda – replace it with water, if you eat fast food – plan ahead and replace the fast food with a healthy salad or sandwich – you can do this with any bad dietary habit that you have. Once you eliminate one bad dietary habit – go to work on the next one. Before long you will be living a healthier lifestyle and you will feel the benefits.  At that point improving dietary choices gets easier.

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