Improving Sleep

Decreasing chronic muscle tension is necessary for improving sleep.   This seems obvious but we never seem to apply the obvious to our own situation.  If you toss and turn looking for a comfortable sleeping position but never seem to find it and lie in bed trying to fall asleep with little success you are not alone.

Improving sleep isn’t easy in this stressful world – stress causes anxiety and muscle tension which makes sleeping more of a chore than it should be.  I would guess that 75% of the new patients that come to my San Diego Chiropractic clinic indicate on their patient intake / history form that they have sleeping difficulties.

Improving Sleep Requires Stress Reduction

Most of us express the physical manifestations of stress as painful muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and in the area in between the shoulder blades. When muscles are used to being tight all the time it becomes nearly impossible to relax when we try to sleep. These muscles have typically been subjected to postural stress for the better part of your day and in many cases they are tight because they are helping guard irritated joints in your neck and upper back.

improving sleepTight spasmed muscles prevent complete relaxation of your body leading to spotty, restless and unsatisfying nights of sleep.

Chiropractic treatment helps relax tight spasmed muscles by calming the nervous system and restoring full free range of motion to the joints of your spine.  Chiropractic adjustments help restore balance to your body which allows for more complete relaxation of the muscles that move and support the joints of your back and neck.  A balanced, relaxed body is crucial to improving sleep.

Improving SleepWhile chiropractic treatment can’t help you resolve a stressful work situation or an unhappy home life it can help you deal with the physical expressions of those stresses.  Reducing muscle spasm through chiropractic adjustments will help you sleep better and help you cope with your stress more effectively.


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