Joint Nutrition

Supplementing your diet for joint nutrition is one of the easiest things that you can do to help maintain your mobility.  While most of us think that what we eat and the supplements that we take are important, most of us are hit and miss at best.  I know that personally I have to keep my supplements in plain sight or I will forget to take them.

Joint Nutrition Extends the Life of Your Joints

Joint NutritionSupplements are important for those who suffer from neck pain, back pain or any other type of joint pain. They are especially important for those who are recovering from injuries such as car accidents, work injuries and sports injuries. Nutritional support for injured muscles and ligaments is important during the various healing stages.  Specific joint nutrition is equally important.

The following recommendations cover nutritional support for bone and joint health as it relates to sprain / strain injuries. That being said, these recommendations will also help you maintain your spinal health.

Nutritional support, especially joint nutrition, is a valuable asset to your chiropractic care.  The following supplements are considered very important.

Chondroitin Sulfate: 500 – 1000 mg daily – Nutritional support for strengthening joints, ligaments and tendons

Glucosamine Sulfate: Take as directed. – Very important for the formation of bone, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and synovial (joint) fluid

MSM: 500 – 1000 mg 3 X daily – This is a sulfur compound that reduces pain and inflammation. MSM is also important for joint and tissue repair

Calcium: 1500 – 2000 mg daily – Needed for repair of connective tissue. You should use two forms of calcium – calcium chelate and calcium gluconate. Very important for skeletal strength (especially for women but men should supplement as well.)

Magnesium: 750 – 1000 mg daily – Works in conjunction with calcium

Essential Fatty Acids: Take as directed – Promotes cardiovascular and cellular health.

Grape Seed Extract: Take as directed – A powerful anti-inflammatory

Manganese: 15 mg daily – Strengthens injured ligaments and tendons


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