Keeping Fit

Why would anyone want to make the effort of keeping fit? It seems like so much work – especially as we get older!

Keeping FitKeeping Fit is Hard But Worth the Effort!

I would guess that the bulk of my patients of my San Diego Chiropractic practice are better at keeping fit than the average person. Those people who see a chiropractor tend to be more health conscious and are much likely to solve their medical issues with diet, exercise and alternative health care methods (such as chiropractic and acupuncture). Chiropractic patients invest their efforts into healthier lifestyles and are more likely to work at keeping fit by passing on unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking soda, eating fast food, etc.

They also lean toward taking fewer medications – instead choosing to address their health issues – not cover or mask them with medications.  An example of this would be a non-health conscious patient taking medication for high blood pressure. If you were to ask this patient how their blood pressure is they would say that it’s perfect. In reality, their blood pressure is out of control – possibly due to a poor diet, lack of exercise, too much stress and not enough sleep.  All of these poor health choices continue to erode this patient’s overall wellness but since they take high blood pressure medication the symptom of high blood pressure is no longer present and the patient is under the impression that they have been cured. It is common for my chiropractic patients who are diagnosed with hypertension to address it through proven natural remedies which all contribute towards keeping fit. This kind of approach to health will keep you in good health and in good shape.

keeping fit without drugsExercise and diet should come before medications whenever possible!

In addition to better health, keeping fit also improves other people’s perceptions of you. Whether this is fair or not it is a fact – people who don’t know you often make judgments about you based on your appearance – keeping fit tells others that you are in control of your body and that you care about yourself.

In closing, staying in good shape will help you avoid many health crises in your future and it will help you age gracefully.


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