Neck | Shoulder Pain

Neck | shoulder pain are common complaints for new patients of my San Diego Chiropractic center. Shoulder pain and neck pain go hand in hand. Chances are that if you have neck pain for long enough that at some point it will develop into shoulder pain and vice versa.

Neck | Shoulder Pain – What Is The Link?

The shoulder and neck are anatomically close and they share major muscle groups and the nerves that feed the shoulder pass from the neck. Some of the strongest muscles in your body have attachments to both the neck and the shoulder. Since the compound movements of the neck and shoulder are critical in a number of sports related motions and work related tasks, the likelihood of injury to this complex network of joints is high.  Throwing a baseball, performing various swim strokes, pulling levers and reaching above shoulder level all require healthy neck and shoulder joints.

The most common injuries that cause neck | shoulder pain are sprains and strains (strain is an overstretch of muscle – while sprain is an overstretch of ligament). The process that leads to pain is simple to follow.  Initially some kind of injury occurs that damages or irritates the muscles and ligaments – this injury causes a local inflammatory response.As inflammation settles in, it not only causes pain but it also causes local muscle spasm.This process is critical in areas like the neck and shoulder because the injury almost always affects both sets of joints. My typical patient with neck | shoulder pain has lost range of motion in the neck and some pain that runs either into the shoulder or down into the upper back along side one of the shoulder blades.

Neck | Shoulder PainFurther evidence of the link between neck | shoulder pain is the fact that in order to successfully resolve a neck or shoulder complaint both areas should receive treatment.  This approach is supported in both the literature and by my own experiences with treating patients.

If you are experiencing neck | shoulder pain or have lost range of motion in the neck or shoulder call our San Diego Chiropractic Center today.  We will make every effort to ensure that your visit to our clinic is a positive one!

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