Preventing Back Injuries

The benefit of building a healthy and strong spine lie in preventing back injuries.  Being a Chiropractor in San Diego, I see many types of back injuries – most of them are preventable. These injuries result in symptoms such as neck pain, back pain, chronic headaches, etc.

Preventing Back Injuries Takes Effort

Preventing Back InjuriesThe cause of back injuries ranges from car accidents and work or sports injuries to injuries caused by more domestic duties such as house chores and sometimes things as simple as postural stress.  Preventing back injuries is just as critical as the treatment that you receive.

Of all the injured patients that I see at least 75% of them ask “what can I do for myself to make sure that this doesn’t happen again?” This question served as the inspiration for this article and I will address in this post.

To begin with, pain is a great motivator. When people are in pain they take a proactive approach to their health. People often inquire about what kind of stretch or exercising that they can start right away. Unfortunately, the best thing that you can do while your injury is new is to apply ice packs to the injured area and rest. More preventing back injuries exerciseoften than not, when overenthusiastic patients ignore this advice and end up giving their condition a major set back. The time to start exercising and stretching your back for most of us is when it is out of its acute stage.  Preventing back injuries requires activities that are not helpful while we are in pain.

One of my biggest struggles in practice has been dealing with my patients exercise and diet habits. Exercise and diet are two things that a patient can do at home to help prevent or diminish the chances of them developing back pain.

After an injury, you should approach exercise cautiously – almost to a point where the exercise that you are performing feels like it is doing nothing. If you can get through a few low intensity exercise sessions like this without aggravating your condition, you should slowly add resistance which allows you to build confidence and strength at the same time.

This is a sensible approach to exercising after a back injury. Slow and cautious – and under the advise of a health care professional. Strong muscles add strength and support to your spine which will go a long way in preventing back injuries.



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