Running Injuries

Running is great exercise but without proper care it can cause running injuries.

Running injuriesThe great weather in San Diego means that we have lots of year-round runners. Because of this I have seen my share of running injuries in my San Diego Chiropractic practice. Leg pain, foot pain, knee pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, ankle pain and lower back pain are all common running injuries.

Preventing Running Injuries

Running is like many other types of exercise or activities for that matter – if whatever it is happens to be your passion, we tend to over do it leading to irritation, inflammation, pain and spasm. Sometimes the pain gets to the point where we have to cease the activity – being a runner myself, I know how tough that is!

running injuriesI don’t want to paint a negative picture of running as a form of exercise, in fact it’s an excellent conditioning exercise for our cardio vascular systems.  That being said, the point is to expose the fact that if we run too much (more than 15 miles per week) that the benefits of running are out weighed by the negatives and we become prone to developing running injuries.  Running directs significant impact forces on the weight bearing joints, in fact, studies have suggested that more than 2000 pounds of force are placed through the joints when we run. You don’t need to have an advanced degree to know that in the long run that can’t be healthy.

If running is an important part of your exercise program, try to rotate your running days with other exercises like swimming, bike riding or plyometrics. I also like to suggest that my patients try to run on soft surfaces like grass or sand in order to reduce the chances of running injuries.

If you notice any pain during or after a run, it is best if you have your complaints evaluated by your chiropractor right away. Running injuries are from repetitive stress and can very quickly become chronic and difficult to overcome.


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