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Chiropractic Care

There comes a point in every ones life when it is time to try something new, for some, it is chiropractic care. When you look at the vast range of doctors and what they specialize in, Chiropractors fill that slot … Continue reading

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Treating Low Back Pain

What if I told you that over the last 15 years I have been treating low back pain sufferers with a fast working, natural, drug free therapy? In addition, that therapy is reasonably priced and covered by most insurance companies. … Continue reading

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Better Posture

Sit Up, Stand Tall! We have all heard these commands from a parent, grandparent, teacher or our doctors in an effort to get us to have better posture.  I remember hearing this command when I was a kid and I … Continue reading

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Back Pain

Have you ever developed back pain and wondered – how did this happen when my back has felt fine up until now? Patients present to my San Diego Chiropractic clinic on a regular basis with neck pain, back pain and … Continue reading

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Low Back Pain Treatment

Statistics tell us that approximately 80% of us will suffer from low back pain over the course of our lives.  As a chiropractor, I have provided low back pain treatment for patients with all types of back injuries.  

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Auto Accident Injuries

It is that time of the year again.  The roads are wet and half the people on the road drive like it is dry (FAST) and the other half slow down to half the posted limit.  Until your car loses … Continue reading

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Joint Nutrition

Supplementing your diet for joint nutrition is one of the easiest things that you can do to help maintain your mobility.  While most of us think that what we eat and the supplements that we take are important, most of … Continue reading

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