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Joint Pain

Does joint pain limit your ability to exercise? Do you struggle with losing weight or maintaining your weight because joint pain prevents exercise?

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Text Driving

Text driving is dangerous. Are you a text driver?  Shame on you!. This Person is Text Driving – Not Good for Your Wallet or Your Life Expectancy.  

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Healthy Weight Loss

Do you struggle with losing weight or maintaining your weight?  Healthy weight loss will benefit you in many different ways.  As a San Diego Chiropractor, one of the common obstacles that I see with healthy weight loss is joint pain.

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Artificial Stimulants

Does low energy effect you desire to exercise? Especially in the mornings? Of course many of us “fix” our low energy with artificial stimulants – which isn’t always the best. Further more, fatigue is always magnified if you have neck … Continue reading

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Chiropractic Care

There comes a point in every ones life when it is time to try something new, for some, it is chiropractic care. When you look at the vast range of doctors and what they specialize in, Chiropractors fill that slot … Continue reading

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Better Posture

Sit Up, Stand Tall! We have all heard these commands from a parent, grandparent, teacher or our doctors in an effort to get us to have better posture.  I remember hearing this command when I was a kid and I … Continue reading

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Car Accident Injuries

Have you ever had chiropractic care for car accident injuries?  At my San Diego based Chiropractic Clinic I provide treatment for many patients with neck pain, back pain and headaches. In many cases, the cause of these aches and pains … Continue reading

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