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Improving Ergonomics

One of the services that my San Diego Chiropractic Clinic offers is ergonomic evaluations of my patient’s work stations.  Some of the work stations that I evaluate are absolutely, without question, injury provoking.  Improving ergonomics is critical for preventing work … Continue reading

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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists longer than 90 days beyond the course of the natural expected healing time. As a chiropractor in San Diego, I get calls from both new and established patients on a regular basis … Continue reading

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Treating Pinched Nerves

You are on my last nerve! When I was a kid my mom probably said that to me a hundred times. Now my patients in my San Diego chiropractic office complain of other types of nerve issues. Sometimes, pinched nerves accompany neck pain, back pain and headaches. Continue reading

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Treating Chronic Back Pain

Practicing chiropractic in San Diego has exposed me to a patient base that is more interested in their health then in other areas of the country. In addition to traditional chiropractic treatment for neck pain and back pain our office offers our patients a host of recommendations for self care of their pain that can become part of a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading

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