Text Driving

Text driving is dangerous. Are you a text driver?  Shame on you!.

text driving

This Person is Text Driving – Not Good for Your Wallet or Your Life Expectancy.


Recent reports have exposed the dangers of text driving. These reports have led to new laws and regulations in my state of California that intend to help drivers avoid automobile accidents and the accompanying whiplash injuries and other more severe injuries or deaths. Since I treat many patients with whiplash type injuries in my San Diego Chiropractic Office I can verify that many of them were involved in accident with other people who are either text driving or talking on the phone.  The interesting thing is that I never seem to have the offender as a patient – it always seems to be the person who was injured as the result of a text driver.

Car Accidents and Text Driving

One of the most revealing studies regarding texting while driving came from the Virginia Tech Driving Institute. This study found that drivers who participate in text driving are 23 times more likely to cause an accident than those who don’t text while driving.  A separate report from the National Safety Council found that nearly 30% of all car accidents are caused by text driving or talking on the phone (hands free or not).  Another recent report from the Department Of Transportation indicated that cell phones played a role in over 1.5 million accidents each year resulting in a half a million injuries and over 5000 deaths.

text drivingThese statistics make you want to do nothing but drive while you are in the car – don’t they?  Whiplash injuries are serious and can result in neck pain, pain that radiates into your arms, middle back pain, lower back pain, headaches, etc.

Insure your own safety by avoiding text driving and watch out for other text-drivers!

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