Treating Bad Discs

There are a handful of methods for treating bad discs, some are better than others.  Are you unsure about the kind of treatment you need for your bad disc? Maybe this post will help give you some direction.

treating bad discsAs you probably know, traditional medical options for treating bad discs are limited to pain killers, physical therapy, steroid injections and surgery. Alternative types of care, including chiropractic treatment, are an effective alternative to those options offered by traditional western medicine.

I treat patients with bad discs in my San Diego chiropractic center every day – usually with great success. Some of these disc patients come in simply to keep their backs pain free while others have acute low back pain related to a recent disc injury or an old disc injury that have been re-aggravated.

Treating Bad Discs with Chiropractic

Our bodies have a tremendous ability to heal themselves and to cope with injuries that it has not had to deal with before (also known as compensation – which can be good or bad). Chiropractic care enhances your body’s ability to heal itself by restoring full joint motion and removing the pain and pressure of pinched nerves.

Chiropractic care is very conservative and effective for treating bad discs while surgery has potentially severe side effects and in many cases is not successful.

In evaluating your disc injury we will:

1) Take a complete history of your injury

2) Perform an examination that will focus on your particular problem

3) If needed, you may be referred for x-rays or perhaps MRI

4) Recommend a series chiropractic treatments if we feel they would benefit your condition.

5) Provide you with at home stretches, exercises, nutritional suggestions and ice / heat advice in order to help speed your healing process.

If you have a bad disc you should consider trying chiropractic treatment – we can help find a solution for your back pain that is safe and affordable.

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