Treating Low Back Pain

What if I told you that over the last 15 years I have been treating low back pain sufferers with a fast working, natural, drug free therapy? In addition, that therapy is reasonably priced and covered by most insurance companies.

Chiropractic for Treating Low Back Pain

Of course I am writing about safe and effective chiropractic care.  At this point, some of you will be thinking “Chiropractic doesn’t work!” or “I wouldn’t go to one of those guys!”

I have heard all of these arguments in the past. I was even one of those people.  I was raised in a semi anti chiropractic household.

My opinions changed after a car accident I was involved in back in 1984. After a mild fender bender, I slowly developed neck pain and stiffness. Before long that pain was “creeping” into my left shoulder and arm. I began to go to my primary physician at Kaiser for treatment. I followed his treatment plan but nothing worked.

Early on in my treatment, I told my Kaiser doctor that my chiropractor uncle told me that I should see a local chiropractor. My Kaiser doctor dismissed that thought with some derogatory remark and told me to stick with his care – which I did.  Kaisers’ treatment was not helpful!

Eventually I saw a chiropractor who had my condition completely turned around in about 3 weeks. Mind you that the chiropractic care followed 5 months of pills and occasional physical therapy from Kaiser – that didn’t work.

My chiropractic treatment was so successful and actually enjoyable that I switched my college studies to pre-med and later attended Chiropractic College.

What does this have to do with low back pain you ask? Everything!

treating low back painChiropractors are known for treating low back pain, it is what my profession is associated with. The reason that we are associated with treating low back pain is because of my professions’ tremendous success rate with delivering fast, safe, natural, drug free back pain relief.

I recently read a study that indicated that the use of chiropractic care for treating low back pain is nearly 4000 times safer than using medications or other traditional western medicine inspired treatments.

Most cases of low back pain occur as a direct result of injury or dysfunction involving the joints and muscles of the low back. These are biomechanical problems that are not efficiently treated with medication (drugs). Biomechanical joint problems account for 80% of low back pain cases and usually worsen with age.

Chiropractic care and its use of specific joint adjustments is the logical and efficient method for treating low back pain.


About Steve Jones

Dr. Jones has been committed to providing high quality chiropractic care for the San Diego community in Mission Valley since 1993. His friendly staff is professionally trained, and ready to provide you with excellent service. If you call to schedule an appointment, many times we can schedule you in that very day. Call: (619) 831-8777
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