Treating Whiplash Neck Pain

Neck pain is common after a whiplash accident. The treatment that you receive (or don’t receive in some cases) following that accident impacts your spine and your health for the rest of your life.  Treating whiplash neck pain is important to your future wellness.

treating whiplash neck painWhiplash damages your joints and the muscles and ligaments that move and support them. Most of the time these injuries are painful immediately after the accident and other times they don’t become problematic until years later. Relieving pain and avoiding future episodes of related pain or disability requires  treating whiplash neck pain as soon as possible.

Treating whiplash neck painThe forces involved in auto accidents are severe. Whiplash places forces on the muscles and ligaments that far exceed the amount of force they were designed to handle. Whiplash accidents tear muscles and ligaments resulting in swelling, pain, muscle spasms and eventually cause scar tissue formation. Scar tissue not only can become a source of pain but it severely restricts the range of motion of your spine as you age.

Treating Whiplash Neck Pain is Crucial

We all know older people (and sometimes younger people) who have to rotate their entire bodies in order to look behind them. Those people have limited range of motion of the joints in their necks. This limited range of motion is caused by scar tissue and arthritis that has accumulated from old injuries.  Treating whiplash neck pain can help you avoid these kinds of symptoms.

Chiropractic treatment helps with many different conditions and is exceptionally effective in resolving injuries related to whiplash injuries. In fact, chiropractic care is the perfect therapy for most injuries that are related to whiplash. Chiropractic care helps control the pain associated with torn muscles and ligaments and it is also very effective with breaking down excessive scar tissue that restricts the normal range of motion of your spine.

We have successfully treated hundreds if not thousands of patients who suffer from either current whiplash injuries or the later effects of those injuries. Treating whiplash neck pain with chiropractic care including a stretching and exercise program and proper nutritional support can be the difference between chronic long lasting pain and a healthy pain free spine.


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